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Thanks for checking out my blog.you’ve come to the right place if your looking for a comprehensive review of Epic Soccer Training Program, which was created by Ex Professional Soccer Player Matt Smith.

First and foremost, I just want to clarify I will be giving you an unrestricted unbiased and honest review of Epic soccer training program.  What your about to read and are the essential details you need to know before grabbing a copy of the course yourself.

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So what is Epic Soccer Training ?

‘Epic Soccer Training’ is a comprehensive course designed to improve your overall soccer skills by Ex Professional Soccer Player Matt Smith.

I have read many books and watched videos all designed to improve your soccer skills, i have seen a lot of good and interesting material. However this was one of first soccer training program i seen that offered high quality video’s with clear to understand text attached underneath the video.

The course starts with basic soccer training drills all designed to make sure you get plenty of ball contact, the aim is for you to get comfortable with the ball learning to move , pass and turn with confidence. The soccer training program is split into 4 Modules, you always start each module with the basic soccer training drills you learnt at the beginning, this is designed to give you the opportunity to improve your total control of the ball, which in turn will help you in the next exercise.

The Epic Soccer Training Program does n’t just provide soccer training exercises to improve your soccer skills and fitness levels, it also provides a comprehensive nutrition guide that goes into great details on what type of foods will enhance or decrease your soccer performances, for example: are sports enhancing drinks good for you? All is explained in detail found in the nutrition guide.

The Introduction of the Nutrition Guide states:

Sports nutrition is nothing short of essential. What you do not know about the athletes that you see on the television, competing in the Olympics and breaking world records is that they have a plan in place that allows them to succeed.
If you will succeed at your sport, you too need to insure that your nutrition is the top of the line. Do you know what you need to do?

Ask yourself these questions:
• Do you know when to eat before your game is to start?
• Do you know what foods are going to help to ultimately win the game if eaten before you compete in the game?
• Do you truly know how much hydration your body needs to power its way through all that you plan to put your body through?

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 And how about the BAD things about Matt Smith’s Epic Soccer Training?

Just like every product and book I have ever reviewed, nothing is perfect and here are the flaws I noticed after going through Matt’s program:

–    Once you have purchased the initial 4 week Epic soccer training course, which comes complete with:

Epic Soccer Workbook  (the manual)
Soccer Fitness Guide
Soccer Nutrition Guide
Coaches Corner

You are then offered Additional products which you must pay a monthly upsell price, all these products features extra videos and workouts each month.

  –  The obvious one would be the fact it is a computer based course, hence taking your PC to the training field  would cause you problems .

And how about the GOOD things about Matt Smith’s Epic Soccer Training?

It’s a very easy and enjoying course to follow to say the least. Matt’s really has a good coaching style and his experience as a Professional Soccer player truly shines through.

The quality of the videos are exemplary

The soccer training program will apply to ‘anyone’.  It’s probably  has the most versatile self help soccer training exercises I’ve come across in a long while. Regardless what age, sex you are; after completing this soccer training program, you will be able to take something away that will help improve your soccer skills.
It’s completely different from ANYTHING you have ever seen in this field.  Matt really stands out from all those soccer experts out there, his soccer training program is very different yet is backed with logically proven soccer training exercises which separates him from the crowd.
The Nutrition Guide itself is worth getting alone, i found it an unequaled guide it it’s field. There’s points and tips i will take not just to improve my sporting performances but to improve my overall diet, and this i will pass onto my children so they have a head start in life.
                                               Overall, what do i think?

Epic Soccer Training Program, in my eyes is the best soccer improvement course i have come across. Matt Smith Ex Professional Soccer player  boasts an impressive accumulation of soccer titles:

3 time all-state soccer player in the state of Florida
Florida soccer player of the year
High school All-American
Collegiate All-American

I am not saying by purchasing this soccer training program that you will achieve these titles that Matt won,but what i am saying is that by completing the whole course (like i did) you will take something away with you, your soccer skills will improve drastically, your speed and endurance will improve, but the best is left till last “ YOUR HEALTH” with the nutrition guide it will teach you the right fuel to put in your body, giving you an healthier lifestyle outside of soccer.
I definitely feel you should give Matt’s program a shot, You won’t regret it!

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